Monday, September 6, 2010

Fantasy Basketball

Hey guys.  Hopefully you are doing well in your fantasy baseball leagues.  Today, I wanted to discuss a few sleeper/discount player picks and some players to avoid in this year's draft.  Enjoy:

Brandon Roy:  He was a late first round pick last year for a reason.  He can help in every category (high assist numbers and decent rebounding numbers for a SG (he can also be plugged into the SF and F slot on your team).  The reason he is going so low is because of his injury problems, but when healthy is potentially a top 10 player. (Yahoo ADP 23)

Al Jefferson: 20/10 with a couple of blocks.  Sign me up.  Here's another last first/early second round pick last year who was disappointing, but still put up decent numbers.  The move for Minn to Utah should help Jefferson a lot since he'll now be playing with all-star point guard Deron Williams.  (Yahoo ADP 26)

Kevin Martin:  Another injury prone player, but again if healthy is a top 25 guy.  He and Brooks will be the focal points of the offense and both should put up great numbers.  (Yahoo ADP 48)

Rashard Lewis, Jameer Nelson and Vince Carter: I'm not saying that Lewis and Carter will be top 20 players this year.  However, all three (especially Lewis and Carter) are great value picks right now since the price is so low.  (Yahoo ADP 77, 88, 91)

Roy Hibbert:  Usually, if a player is going to break out, it will happen in their third year.  Also, it doesn't hurt for a big man to have a good point  (Collison) instead of Watson and Ford.  Look for Hibbert to have a big year.  (Yahoo ADP 98)

Elton Brand:  I know he had a horrible year last year, but Philly does have a new coach who is going to play Brand more.  I know this pick could be a flop, but it is a low risk/high reward pick since he is going so cheap come draft day.  (Yahoo ADP 89)

Now for some players to avoid:

Stephen Curry:  Top 20?  Yes, though he is only a sophmore.  However, top 6??  Over players like Kobe Bryant and Danny Granger.  If you want to waste a first round pick or overpay for the kid, go ahead, but I would rather have a proven player to lead my team. (ADP 6)

David Lee:  Don't overpay for the career year.  He will put up good number is GSW, but unlike NY, he is not the number 1 option on the team.  Monta Ellis and Curry are both going to get their shots, and Beidrins will get a lot of the boards from Lee.  Finally, Lee doesn't block shots.  (Yahoo ADP 11)

Gerald Wallace:  He was a great draft pick last year since he was going so late, but this year I don't see any I wouldn't pick him for two reasons.  One reason is that he is very injury prone.  The second reason is that Wallace doesn't have a good PG to give him easy baskets and is not a very good ISO player.  (ADP 14

Derrick Rose:  Why is this player always taken so early?  Fantasy Basketball is not real basketball.  He doesn't shoot for high percentages and doesn't shoot 3s.  Why do everyone want him on their team? (Yahoo ADP 36, AVG pick 28!?!?)

Darren Collison:  His draft day value has sky rocketed the past week to the point is some drafts he is being taken in the third round?!?!  He will be good, but he will cost too much if you try to acquire him on draft day. ( Yahoo ADP 47)

If you have any more sleeper picks or players to avoid, don't be afraid to share them :)  


Friday, September 3, 2010

Need a Hitter for the Weekend??

In most H2H leagues, the playoffs start next next week.  Hopefully you're already safely in, but if you're not, here are some hitters that could give you a boost this weekend:

Jose Tabata and Neil Walker:  Walker has been a top 15 player the past 2 weeks and both have been top 70 the past month.  The pitchers they are facing: John Lannan and Jason Marquis.

Starlin Castro, Fukudome:  Both have been hot latley (Fukudome especially) and are facing Pat Mitsch on Saturday

Ian Desmond, Roger Bernandina:  Both have been top 100 the past month players and are facing Charlie Morton and Paul Maholm.

So if you need an extra run or RBI and are holding on to disappointing veterans, pick up one of these players ASAP.  Also, if you need cheap saves, look no farther than Juan Gutierrez, the new closer in ARI.  He has a 1.45 ERA and a WHIP under 1 the past month and always has been better in September than the beginning of the year.  Good luck, and hope you make the playoffs.  Also, if you need advice, feel free to leave a comment and I'll answer them ASAP.