Saturday, August 14, 2010

First Post

Hey guys.  First of all, I'd like to thank you all for coming to this site.  I'll be covering both fantasy baseball and basketball (sorry no football).  I'll be covering waiver pickups, good buy lows and sell highs, drafting, etc.  In other words everything that you need to know to be able to win your league this year!  On to the post..

In most yahoo leagues, the trade deadline is this Sunday.  Here are some players to target (and to avoid)

Ryan Howard:  I just traded Aubrey Huff and Bobby Abreu for him.  That's right, Aubrey Huff.  This guy is one of the best home run hitters in the league, and possibly could win you the league if you can get him.

Jimmy Rollins:  Rollins has been horrible, but do you really expect him to hit less than .250 for the rest of the season.  And once Utley and Howard come back (which is soon), expect A LOT of runs.

Adam Lind and Aaron Hill:  I started with two Phillies and now I'll talk about two Blue Jays.  If Lind is in your WW, ADD HIM.  Both have been hitting the ball hard and look more confortable at the plate. Lind might soon be eligible for first base as well.

Bobby Abreu:  It's amazing how people undervalue him.  This dude almost has identical numbers as Matt Kemp!!!  He's a .300 hitter hitting .260.  Let's move on.

Matt Kemp:  I must admit I'm a bit worried. But while his value is so low, how could you say no? All of his numbers are good, except average.  Go get him!

Elvis Andrus:  The guy has no power and his SB have gone down, but I still like him as a .290 hitter with a lot of runs.  You certainly could do worst.

Evan Longoria:  I know he has been struggling, but do you really think that this will continue?  Buy low on him with confidence.

A-Rod:  Even though the SB have disappeared, he will still get a lot of RBI,HR,R and his AVG should increase. 


Jason Bay:  He'll be a good draft pick next year if you can get him cheap enough, but for this year I'll stay away.  Concussions are a tricky injury.  If you have a DL spot, I'd say keep him but I don't see him being productive any more this year.

Sell High:

Casey McGehee:  Haven't we seen this before?  This guy is hitting in a great spot in the lineup and is 2B/3B eligible, but is prone to cold streaks (the past month and a half) and hot streaks (right now).  Do you want to take a chance that he goes on  a cold streak during the playoffs.

Tim Hudson:  He's good but he is NOT a top 20 fantasy player. 

Dan Uggla: .284 avg??  Dan Uggla?  Maybe, but I'd rather have Pedroia down the stretch.

Aubrey Huff:  He will produce for the rest of the year, but he will not hit many more HRs.  You probably got him off the WW, and I'd cash in on him now.

Also, do you need a spot starter tomorrow:  If so, check this out:

Kevin Slowey vs. Oak (vs. Mazzaro)

A.J. Burnett @KC (vs. Bullington)
J.A. Happ vs. Pit (vs.Karstens)
Vincente Padilla @Atl (vs. Mike Minor)
Justin Masterson vs. Sea
Dice-K @Tex (vs. C.J. Wilson)
C.J Wilson vs. Bos (vs.Dice K)
Anibal Sanchez @ Cin (vs. Homer Bailey)

-Slowey has a 3.73 ERA and a 1.19 WHIP at home
-J.A. Happ splits doesn't help much, but is facing a bad team with a poor offense
-Wilson has a 3.29 ERA at home, and is facing an offense without Pedroia, Youkilis and maybe Ellsbury (why did I draft him grrr....)
-Burnett ERA jumps to 5.35 and 1.53 WHIP on the road, but he is facing a KC offense that has been gutted by injuries and trades.
-Padillia is definately a home pitcher as his ERA is 5.14 on the road

Lots of intriguing options, but I don't think you can go wrong with Slowey.  If you're a gambler and need ks, go with Burnett.  Good luck.  As well, if you have any questions, just leave a comment and I'll answer them all.

Also check out:, great site which I have found very helpful.


  1. I just got offered Reyes, Texeira, and Zimmerman for HanRam, Holiday, and Butler in my keeper league. Do I take it?

  2. I'd rather have Han-ram (who is a buy low right now) side. SS is the hardest position to fill, and the drop off from Han-ram to Reyes is bigger than you may think. I'd reject the offer, but try to get a better 1B than Butler (maybe Ryan Howard or Prince Feilder).