Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What I've Learned....

Hopefully you've made the playoffs in your H2H league by now or are doing well in your roto league.  If not, there's always next year.  Here are some tips to help you win it all next year.

1)Don't pay for saves:  K-Rod.  Broxton.  Qualls.  Trevor Hoffman.  Saves are too unpredictable to waste a high draft pick on.  Who have been the best closers this year?  Billy Wagner, Soriano, Bell and Rivera.  I'd rather go pick up pitchers like Axford, Gregg, Feliz during the season than overpay for closers like Broxton and K-Rod

2)Draft your infield first:  I made this mistake this year when I drafted Matt Kemp and Jacoby Ellsbury with my first two picks.  The reason behind this is that there are a lot of good replacement outfielders on the WW while there are far  fewer infielders that will help your team.

3)Offense before pitching:  I'm sure that people will be drafting Wainwright, Josh Johnson and Ubaldo in the first round of two next year.  I'm not.  Why??  Just look at Tim Lincecum.  People used their first round pick to get him when they could of had players like Ryan Howard, Miggy, Tulo, etc.  Pitching is very volatile and you can always find good pitching on the WW.  For example C.J. Wilson has been a top 50 player this year, right around where Haren was drafted.

4)Avoid players who only had one good year:  I'm not saying that players like Cargo will be bad next year. However, I'd rather draft the player who have been good for years than a player who had a break out season the year before.  I'm sure that Ellsbury, Lind, and Aaron Hill owners would agree with me on this point.

If you have any tips that you have learned over the year or draft strategies, feel free to share.

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